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WashUReuse Surplus Property Program

Does your office, lab, or dorm room have a stockpile of items that are still functional but you no longer want or need? If so, sounds like you could use WashUReuse. Washington University in St. Louis has signed up for an exciting software platform through Rheaply AxM that facilitates the internal recirculation of unneeded furniture, equipment, and supplies. This platform, called WashUReuse, is available for staff, faculty and students across departments and campuses. The main goal of WashUReuse is to keep materials out of the landfill and reduce the need for departments or individuals to buy new items when excellent options are already available within our network. The result is better utilization of both financial resources and natural resources: a huge sustainability win-win! 

WashUReuse is user-friendly, and users are able to quickly list or find an item with just a few simple clicks. We encourage all WashU community members to watch this quick demonstration video to learn how it works. You can also check out the WashUReuse page for more information on how to log in and start posting, as well as the FAQ page with lots of helpful information. If you’re looking to do some office spring cleaning or Marie Kondo-ing before move-out, you can rest easy that your beloved items can be rehomed within our WashU community.  

For items that you are unable to circulate internally through WashUReuse but are still in good condition, never fear! For university-owned items, the university partners with several suppliers and non-profits for equipment disposal. It is important to note that departments may have different policies for managing surplus material and disposal. Business users should receive approval from their department Business Manager before posting items. Students can learn more about donating their items for repurposing after Move Out through the Share Our Stuff program

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WashU Reuse at the School of Medicine 

For School of Medicine users, please visit this page for guidelines specific to the Medical Campus.