WashU Branded SWAG Exchange

WashU departments and student groups are encouraged to share surplus WashU-branded giveaways (“SWAG”). Events and outreach campaigns often end up with extra stuff – sometimes boxes and sometimes just a handful. No one likes to throw away brand new items, so these are often stuffed into closets to gather dust. Circulate your extra SWAG to others within the WashU family to supplement their giveaway campaigns while giving meaning and purpose to your surplus. It’s all circular: when you are planning for giveaways, check back to see if there are some already available!

Simply post to WashU ReUse to connect with someone directly or request a pick up from Campus Mail, who will facilitate the exchange through the new Circularity Center.

Sharing extra SWAG, even items that are dated, extends departmental resources. When you order SWAG, consider ways you can make the item more universal so it is easier to repurpose by another user. For example, the Advancement Office ordered large quantities of items branded with WashU’s logo (no dates, no departments) as thank you gifts for donors. When it came time to clear out their storage, it was easy to recirculate the items (t-shirts, luggage tags, hats, etc.) both to excited individuals and to departments looking for small quantities of WashU branded merchandise – it was a win-win!