Tips for Saving Energy and Resources over Winter Break

Semester breaks provide excellent opportunities for significant energy and resource savings. Here are a few tips on how to conserve in your dorm room or office before leaving for the winter break:

1) Turn off your computer, monitor, speakers, and printer
2) Unplug all electronics and appliances that are plugged into an outlet
3) Take home plants and other items that cannot tolerate fluctuating temperatures
4) Shut your windows and close your blinds or other window treatments
5) Turn off all lights
6) If you have a small refrigerator, clean it out and unplug it with the door propped open and a towel around the base so it can defrost
7) Collect usable but unneeded school supplies, office supplies, clothing, and other items and donate them to the Trading Post on campus or to a local donation center like Goodwill

These simple steps will result in lower greenhouse gas emissions and the preservation of natural resources. Just remember, less is more!