Solar Installation at Hillman Hall

Solar PV panels were recently installed on the Brown School of Social Work’s new building, Hillman Hall. The approximately 50kw solar PV array is a zigzag shape with panels facing south towards the sun and reflectors facing north to direct sunlight that would otherwise fall between the panels onto the adjacent panels. As a result, the array is expected to produce more energy per installed watt than a traditional roof-mounted array. The panels are made by tenK solar. WUSTL is working with Microgrid Solar, a St. Louis-based company, on the project. Hillman Hall also includes a small solar hot water system that will provide heat for faucets and the commuter showers. The solar thermal panels can be seen in the photo behind the PV panels.

The Hillman Hall team, including Neal Schaeffer (Project Manager) and Dre West (Director of Facilities and Operations, Brown School), have been instrumental in this project.