Recycling Compactor Installed at McDonnel Science Building

A recycle compactor was added to the McDonnel Science Building on April 5, 2016. This is the 3rd recycle compactor added to the WUSM campus in the last year. All of the recycle compactors on the WUSM campus have been installed side by side next to a waste compactor.

The addition of this recycling compactor will allow us to remove 3 – 8 yard recycle bins from the area that were being emptied twice a week. We are now able to put those recyclable items into the new compactor that will only need to be emptied twice a month. Because it is more convenient for custodial staff, having waste and recycling compactors side by side encourages recycling in general and decreases cross-contamination. In addition, the university receives recycling rebates from the tons of materials that have been collected in recycling compactors.