Wanda Haertling

Excellence in Waste Diversion

In her role as the Procurement and Accounting Coordinator within the Operations and Facilities Management Department, Wanda has applied her passion for sustainability in both purchasing and disposing of university property. Over the years, she has developed strong community ties and has been able to identify new homes for a huge quantity of materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

When Olin Residential Hall was ready to upgrade furniture, Wanda coordinated with Home Sweet Home, an organization that provides furnishings for St. Louis homeless individuals transitioning into more permanent accommodations. Similarly, 25 bike racks were donated to the City of St. Louis when they were removed for a construction project. These are just two of many examples of her match-making successes.

After demonstrating the opportunities for recirculating and donating university surplus, Wanda was tasked with developing a system to more closely coordinate the effort, which allows her to connect internal needs with available surplus, and to track donations when internal reuse is not an option.

In addition to her leadership within her role at WashU, Wanda has also been a key coordinator of the Sustainability Action Team on the School of Medicine campus and she will complete a Sustainability degree through UCollege after many semesters of after-hours study.