Division of Oncology

Excellence in Employee Engagement

The Division of Oncology committed to joining the Green Office Program this year and implementing sustainable change throughout their operations. So far, they have certified 4 of their spaces, with more to come. The division is comprised of nearly 1,500 faculty and staff and are spread across multiple office locations on and off campus. Since making the commitment to “Go Green,” their offices have implemented a variety of changes that significantly reduce waste and other environmental impacts in their areas.

First, they have set up a collection system for soft plastics (plastic bags, bubble wrap, etc.) and they have a small group of dedicated volunteers that take the bags to nearby stores for recycling. Some of the volunteers are even carrying the bags of recycling on the metrolink for transport.

The division has also developed a professional newsletter, “The Green,” that they send out regularly to update their coworkers on changes and tips for being more sustainable.

They have stopped buying bottled water for their internal meetings and have instead purchased refillable 5 gallon jugs and require meeting attendees to bring their own reusable cup or bottle. This group is doing great things to reduce their environmental impacts and waste.

The Green Office Liaisons – Bob, Helen, Taufa, Kim, Laura, and Cheryl – are all passionately dedicated to making real change in their division and beyond. It will be very exciting to watch these changes progress as more and more of the Division of Oncology joins the Green Office Program!