Dee Stewart

Excellence in Waste Diversion

After a renovation of the Danforth University Center, select furniture that was not able to be repurposed needed to find a new home. Although it may seem like a simple project to “give something away” there are many layers such as visually sorting through the surplus, measuring to verify space and use in new area or capacity, securing approvals from those using the new items to make sure it’s the right fit, and making arrangements to get the furniture moved to the new area. All of these steps must be negotiated within a narrow window to get the surplus removed from the construction area.

Dee Stewart took the initiative to review the DUC offerings, identify appropriate uses within the Philosophy department, and handled the back and forth with what would work in her area. She saved multiple suites of furniture for reuse on campus, savings thousands of dollars by not having to order new items or landfill the old items.