Clara Steyer

Sustainability Coordinator

Clara grew up in a small town on the West coast of France, benefiting from an education in environmental issues from a young age. Pursuing her master’s degree in urbanism, Clara developed an interest in the sustainable design of cities, with a special focus on urban revitalization through brownfield reuse and heritage valorization. After graduating in 2014, Clara worked as an urban planner for a consultant firm in Guadeloupe, a small Caribbean island, where she took on several environmental studies. This experience put her in direct contact with the dramatic effects of climate change including rising sea levels and the amplified risk of natural hazards. Clara landed in St Louis last September, and has since been exploring what the city has to offer in terms of urban agriculture, alternative transportation, waste/recycling collection and management, and community engagement. Clara’s goal is to become a driving force in the spread of sustainable thinking and lifestyle at all levels, institutional to individual.

“It’s an honor to join the Office of Sustainability and to be given the opportunity to take a lead role in alternative food and transportation initiatives. I’m thrilled to join and engage with the Wash-U community on issues that matter deeply to me and the entire world.”