Olive Link Sculpture Park

As part of a spring 2015 master class, MFA students Garret Clough, Vita Eruhimovitz, Madeline Marak, and Austin Wolf worked with professor Ron Fondaw to develop, propose, and install sculptural works at the intersection of Olive and Midland Boulevards in University City. The pieces were commissioned by the City of University City as part of a broader effort to reinvent Olive Boulevard. The students worked with representatives from the Department of Community Development, the University City Chamber of Commerce, and the University City Municipal Commission on Arts & Letters.

University City has a renewed focus on improving vacant lots throughout the community. The Olive Link Sculpture Park is connected to a broader effort to reinvent Olive Boulevard as a destination within University City. The City’s Department of Community Development commissioned four MFA students to create discrete sculptural works of public art for a vacant lot. The pieces are installed near the intersection of Olive and Midland Boulevards.

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