The International Center for Environment, Energy and Sustainability (INCEES) seeks to catalyze and coordinate university wide, regional, and international collaborative research in the areas of energy, environment and sustainability. Launched in June 2007, InCEES (formerly known as I-CARES) catalyzes university wide and external collaborative research and educational activities in these focal areas. The hub of InCEES includes seven signature partnerships; a robust internal funding program; a growing cadre of interdisciplinary researchers; a named lecture series to engage the broader university community; and a growing curriculum support focus that has helped engage new instructors, develop new courses and provide experiential opportunities for students. The ultimate goal of InCEES is to encourage and coordinate collaborative research work that contributes to rapid progress in addressing some of the greatest challenges facing our planet.

Summer Research Internships – Closed

The InCEES Summer Research Internship program exposes students to research in a lab or field-based setting and aims to further their interest in the fields of energy, the environment, and sustainability. Students work closely with a research mentor on a research project that they (the student) propose. Internships have ranged from studying air quality and tall grass prairie species at Tyson Research Center, working on the Solar Decathlon competition, or mapping food distribution from rooftop farms in downtown St. Louis.

InCEES summer internships are posted in mid-February of each year and applicants are notified of their application status in late March. The paid internships are 10-weeks long, beginning at the end of May and concluding in early August.