Help Us Reach Our Goal


Have you taken the Green Monday pledge? If not, we encourage you to join over 900 campus members committed to reducing our University’s foodprint!

Green Monday is a growing global movement that urges consumers to consider how their food choices affect public health and the environment. The WUSTL program launched in January 2015 and asks students, faculty, and staff like you to pledge to Green Monday by eating vegetarian at least one day a week.

Why should you Green Monday?

  1. Do your part to mitigate climate change – the global livestock industry contributes as much CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions as the entire transportation sector globally
  2. Reduce your water usage – raising animals for food uses a tremendous amount of fresh water and is a major polluter of our waterways
  3. Combat world hunger – meat products are an inefficient way to deliver sustenance to people; humanity grows a lot of food to feed livestock instead of directly feeding people

The idea is simple, but the impact is great. If everyone in the WUSTL community eats vegetarian one additional day per week, we will collectively reduce carbon emissions by as much as 5,000 metric tons annually – equivalent to taking 1,053 cars off the road!

This semester, we’ve set a goal of 1,000 pledges. Please help us reach this goal by taking the online pledge today!

In addition to encouraging vegetarian options, the Green Monday team provides educational materials around a variety of food and dining topics. Once you take the pledge, you will receive a brief weekly Monday message with information on topics ranging from sustainable food certifications to ways you can reduce food waste. You can also get involved as a Green Monday Ambassador, helping spread our messaging via social media and at campus events. Interested to learn more? Email Jen Carter, Sustainability Fellow, at