Green Cup in Full Swing

WashU’s sixth annual Green Cup competition is in full swing! Students in on-campus housing are working to reduce their electrical energy usage below a baseline. On the Danforth campus, leagues include the South 40 Residential Colleges, North Side housing, and Fraternities.

The competition began on Monday, February 1. Over the first two weeks, South 40 Residential Colleges have hosted kick-off events, taken WashU’s sustainability pledge, and answered survey questions on energy efficiency and water conservation. Lee/Beau is in the lead on survey questions, as well as with energy reduction– an impressive 16.4%! HIG is close behind with 16% energy reduction. North Side participants have achieved 5% energy reduction, and TKE and House 11 are in the lead among Fraternities, with a collective 6.3% reduction.

Teams will continue to compete through the end of February. For more information, tips, and competition standings, visit