Reusable eco2go boxes are available on request at the main campus dining locations and must be returned empty within 24 hours.

How It Works

  1. Request a REUSABLE eco2go container from a Dining Associate or through Grubhub, for no additional cost.
  2. Enjoy your meal.
  3. Empty any leftovers or waste, sorting appropriately.
  4. Return the REUSABLE eco2go container to a red bin located in all dining facilities. DO NOT throw in the waste or recycling.
  5. Containers are washed and sterilized before being recirculated.
  6. Repeat every time you dine!


Request & Return locations

  • DUC
  • Bears Den
  • The Village
  • Parkside Cafe – Schnuck Pavilion


Reusing is pretty much always better than single items, even when lifecycle costs are factored in. Reusables often save money over time, despite larger upfront costs. It goes without saying, the more times something is reused, the more money and resources are saved!

In order for the eco2go program to be successful in the long run, the boxes must be returned and reused as many times as possible. Eco2go boxes can be used 1000 times before needing to be replaced. But they need to be used AT LEAST 30 times to offset the production and transportation costs compared to a disposable box.

Eco2go is currently a free opt-in program. We encourage you to opt in, but emphasize the importance of being a responsible program participant. Prompt, honor-system returns will ensure this program can continue – through the pandemic and beyond!