Courtesy is Contagious

“Courtesy is Contagious” is a campaign that aims to help bicyclists and pedestrians have a more enjoyable, low-stress, and safe commute. Led by the Parking & Transportation department, the campaign promotes ways for WashU community members to positively interact with cyclists and pedestrians while out and about, which includes being alert and courteous when sharing paths and roads.

Throughout the year, you will see a variety of signs with safety tips and messages like “Pedestrians: Bikes may pass on the left. Be courteous and move to the right.” Here are key tips to watch for, along with several Missouri bike laws (marked with an asterisk) to be aware of when traveling across and beyond campus:

  • Pedestrians always have the right-of-way.
  • Cycling tips:
    • Pass on the left, and signal with your bell or by saying, “passing on your left.”
    • Cyclists are NOT allowed to ride on sidewalks in business districts (like the Delmar Loop).*
      • There are alternative routes for avoiding the Loop Trolley tracks. You can view the alternative routes and safety tips for riding over the tracks here or by visiting the Loop Trolley’s website.
    • Use hand signals to communicate any turns to others.*
    • Your bike should be equipped with working brakes, a white front light, and a rear red light or reflector.*
      • You can stop by one of our Fixit stations on the Danforth or School of Medicine campuses to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance.
    • Always ride with traffic, never against it.*
    • On public streets, ride as far right as is safe except when making a left turn, avoiding hazardous conditions, or on a one-way street.*
    • Be careful when passing a parked or moving vehicle.
      • Leave three to four feet of clearance to avoid suddenly opened car doors or swerving cars.

When you see our signs popping up around campus, please take a moment to read them and spread the word. Most importantly, have fun and be safe!