Cold Weather Biking Tips

Do you commute via bike, or are you interested to give it a try? Riding safely and with the right gear is extremely important during the winter months. Here are tips to keep you and your bike moving smoothly in the cold.

  • Pumping your Tires: In the cold, tires tend to lose pressure quickly. To help prevent flats, check your tire pressure regularly and refill your tires with air as needed. You can use one of several Fixit stations on the Danforth and School of Medicine campuses for this and other quick adjustments.
  • Windproof Outerwear: Dressing in layers and including outerwear that incorporates windproof shells will make riding a lot easier and more comfortable. Many bicycle-oriented windproof shells are also highly reflective, helping you stay visible.
  • Keeping Warm: Make sure to keep your extremities warm. Wear gloves and boots to help keep the cold out and stay dry from rain. Covering your face is also important. Hats and scarves are effective accessories for sealing the heat and minimizing the effects of wind.
  • Lights: Daylight is shorter during these months. Staying safe during the dark is important. Add reflective material on clothing and front and rear lights to your bike to ensure visibility.

As with any season, allow ample time to arrive at your destination, and make sure you carry a U-Lock to keep your bike safe. Happy commuting!