Reduced On-campus Parking Creates Opportunity for Alternatives

Reduced On-campus Parking Creates Opportunity for Alternatives The east end of the Danforth Campus is about to undergo a major redevelopment that includes seven major components — three new academic buildings, an expansion of the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, two new multi-use facilities, an underground parking garage and an expansive new Central Green. The […]

Active Transportation = Healthy Lifestyle

  Why Shift Your Commute? Being an active commuter can benefit your life in a number of ways. By incorporating active transportation into your commute, you can save money, reduce stress, and build a healthier lifestyle! Expenses associated with driving to work every day include gas, maintenance, and depreciation of the vehicle, all of which […]

Active Transportation Month: April 2017

Join the Office of Sustainability, Parking and Transportation Services and our partners for a month of exciting events centered around Active Transportation! Active Transportation – biking, walking, and using public transit – is beneficial not only to the environment but to personal health and wellness, and is becoming increasingly significant on our campus with the […]

Sustainability: There’s An App For That

Sustainable living can often mean going out of your way, changing your habits, or trying new things. This can be a challenge for seasoned veterans and eager learners alike, but the resources provided in this list of smartphone apps can poise you to confidently make sustainable choices in all areas and contribute to the creation […]

Green Cup 2017 Comes to a Close

WashU’s annual energy reduction and sustainability competition has come to a close! Green Cup is a four-week competition to reduce energy use among South 40 Residential Colleges, North Side housing, fraternities, and the School of Medicine’s Olin Dorm and Farrell Learning and Teaching Center (in four separate leagues). Throughout February, leagues competed to reduce their energy […]

Apply to be WUGA Team Leader

Are you interested to enhance your student leadership skills while fostering a sustainability culture on campus? Apply to be a team leader for the 2017-18 Washington University Green Ambassador (WUGA) program! The Office of Sustainability launched the Green Ambassador program in 2013, and it transitioned to being a student-managed program in 2015. Under the guidance of […]

Welcome New Office Associates

The Office of Sustainability is pleased to welcome ten new part-time associates this semester. From left to right: Sam Emery, Jenna Schnitzler, Alexis Vidaurreta, Ankita Bhalla, Camille Rieber, Sofia Joison, Annalise Wagner, Sean Fallon, Channing Hunter, and Ashwin Sundaresan. This dynamic group of students will work alongside 12 returning associates and 3.5 staff members to […]

Get Caught Green Handed!

WashU’s annual energy reduction and sustainability competition is back! Green Cup is a four-week competition to reduce energy use among South 40 Residential Colleges, North Side housing, fraternities, and the School of Medicine’s Olin Dorm and Farrell Learning and Teaching Center (in four separate leagues). Students compete to reduce their energy usage below a baseline. […]

WashU Limits Idling Emissions

Like the State of Missouri, the City of St. Louis, and St. Louis County, WashU has been working to limit idling by vehicles. WashU’s no-idling policy has been in place since early 2009 and helps reduce the pollution caused by vehicles running when parked or waiting for passengers. Emissions produced by vehicles endanger public health […]

Cold Weather Biking Tips

Do you commute via bike, or are you interested to give it a try? Riding safely and with the right gear is extremely important during the winter months. Here are tips to keep you and your bike moving smoothly in the cold. Pumping your Tires: In the cold, tires tend to lose pressure quickly. To help prevent […]

Celebrating Active Transportation

On November 4, the Office of Sustainability and Parking & Transportation Department wrapped up October’s Active Transportation Month with a lunch and awards ceremony for Active Transportation Challenge participants and winners. Challenge participants earned points throughout the month by logging car-free commutes, participating in a photo contest, and attending events including a bike trip to Grove Fest, free bike tune-ups […]

Prominent Israeli Activist to Speak on Danforth Campus

Etai Pinkas, a leading Israeli activist, will speak at two programs on Monday, November 14. The first event, entitled “From Water Recycling to Urban Green Spaces: A Talk with Israeli Environmental Leader Etai Pinkas,” will take place at 4p in the Women’s Building Formal Lounge and will be followed by a light reception at 5p. The talk […]

WUGAs: Sustainability Champions

The Washington University Green Ambassador (WUGA) program launched in 2013 and gives students the opportunity to become sustainability leaders across campus. This year, 30 WUGAs completed training and are volunteering across residence halls, dining facilities, and at large events to help first-year students with waste sorting and to provide sustainability resources. Over the first 40 days of the semester, they helped […]

Active Transportation Month In Full Swing

Week one of Active Transportation Month (ATM) is underway and has featured several exciting events. On October 1, the Office of Sustainability collaborated with the Outing Club for a bike trip to Grove Fest. Attendees (shown above) enjoyed a ride through Forest Park en route to this annual event, which features street performers, live music, and a variety […]

October is Active Transportation Month

October is Active Transportation Month (ATM) at Washington University. The goal of ATM is to motivate staff, faculty, and students to kick the car habit and try active, low-carbon means of transportation. If you cannot imagine going car-free, consider carpooling or budgeting time to try transit one or two days during the month. If you are […]

Join the Green Office Program

Washington University’s Green Office Program challenges staff and faculty to create sustainable work spaces within their offices. Through a self-assessed, point by point checklist, offices can determine their sustainability in six key areas: energy, waste, documents, purchasing, transportation, and awareness. The checklist assesses sustainability on the specific practices applicable to each office, such as how […]

Summer Sustainability Round-Up

Over the summer, WashU staff and faculty supported a variety of sustainability projects and initiatives across multiple campuses. Learn more about several key accomplishments below. Energy Efficiency and Green Building Projects Installed a 25 kilowatt (kw) rooftop solar array on the Academy Building, just across Forest Park Parkway from the Danforth Campus (the photo above shows the installation mid-process). Over […]

Bike Commuter Profile: Ryan Nicholls

Ryan Nicholls, Assistant Director for Emergency Management, commutes home by bicycle most days of the week. He started this routine in the spring of 2015. Unlike many community members who live closer to campus, Ryan rides 26 miles to his home in High Ridge, located in Northwestern Jefferson County, Missouri. Ryan explained that the main motivation for riding […]

Winter Metro Commuting Tips

As I stepped outside to travel to the Metro Park-Ride lot, the cold January wind started to hit my face with its bitter sting. Fortunately, I had my scarf and wrapped it around my hood as I walked to the car. One of the many reasons drivers cite as a reason to drive instead of […]