Volunteer Opportunity: WUSM Employee Picnic

September 28, 2018
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Hudlin Park

On September 28, WashU will celebrate the employees of the School of Medicine by hosting the annual Employee Picnic. Employees join in the fun and festivities by competing in carnival-like games to win highly-coveted prizes and enjoy a BBQ meal from Kenrick’s catering followed by Ted Drewes custard.

To make sure the event is aligned with WashU’s sustainability values, waste stations are erected to serve as central points for attendees to sort their waste into three waste streams: compost, recycling and landfill. Kenrick’s and Ted Drewes both support the zero waste effort by serving the food on compostable plates and bowls. The forks and napkins are compostable too! The Office of Sustainability and the School of Medicine Sustainability Action Team are seeking volunteers to help the 9000 event attendees correctly sort their waste after picnicking. Through past efforts, over 95% of waste is recycled or composted. This year will be no different!


A $50 gift card will be raffled off to those participating in the sustainability effort. Increase your chances to win by doing the following:

  • Bring your own refillable water bottle – filling stations will be provided at the sustainability tents.
  • Bring your own plate & utensils – this year’s employee gift is a stylish and practical lunch container. Bring yours to the picnic and save a plate!
  • Bring your waste to a waste station when you finish your meal (or get an extra ticket for having a 0 waste lunch).
  • Sign up for a volunteer shift at a waste station!

Participants can earn up to 4 tickets for each of the above actions that they perform! Visit a sustainability tent to collect your tickets.

To help with the sustainability effort, please sign up here.

Questions? Contact Melanie Strowmatt (mstrowmatt@wustl.edu or 362-2534) or Cassandra Hage (chage22@wustl.edu or 935-5947).