Recycling Genius Training

September 25, 2019 and September 26, 2019
Schnuck Pavilion
Become a Recycling Genius Logo

Need a refresher (or a full tutorial) of which bin to sort your waste into? Do you find the recycling rules confusing? Get the answers to all your questions! After an engaging 45 minute session, you can become a Recycling Genius too!

Recycling Geniuses play a key role in addressing contamination issues in recycling and compost sorting systems across campus. Peer-to-peer education continues to be the most effective strategy to change behaviors and correct misconceptions.

The Recycling Genius training consists of a brief, yet in-depth, training on what can be recycled and composted and why. Once you are trained as a Recycling Genius, you can provide presentations to groups (like your office, your res hall floor, or a student group), provide educational sorting demonstrations during meal times, or volunteer at an event waste sorting station.

During volunteer shifts, you will help with educational outreach to bring awareness to new recycling guidelines and common contaminants. Powerpoint presentation and presentation kit are available for presentations.