Lunch & Learn: Demo of the WashU Reuse Platform

December 13, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Thinking about getting some new furniture or equipment for your office? Or, clearing out a space with useable surplus items? WashU has a tool that can help you connect with others to reuse and repurpose in these situations, rather than storing indefinitely or just throwing it away. Introducing: WashU Reuse.

WashU Reuse entails a quick set up process which will connect your office’s materials to colleagues that can use them, or (if you like) buy, sell, and trade with other WashU departments.

If you are unsure about another platform but excited about the prospect of scoring some used materials, join the Rheaply tech team behind the WashU Reuse platform for a demo to shorten your learning curve and jumpstart your exchanges! 

In addition, the platform powers exchanges for several material-specific programs:

  • Office Supply Exchange: Racking up a list of office supplies needed in your office? Check out the Office Supply Exchange before you buy. Gain access to materials in good working condition donated by other offices on campus. Or, send your extras in! More here…
  • Virtual WashU SWAG Closet (coming soon): Before you buy, check the virtual WashU SWAG closet to see if you can meet your need for promotional goods by sourcing from departments that have a surplus. Access through the WashU Reuse platform.

Get started with an account and preview the tool here.

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