2018 Tree Planting Day at WashU

October 25, 2018
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Whittemore House

11.3.2016--WUSTL Dining Services plants trees with partner Sleeve-A-Message along the north side of Forsyth Avenue on the Danforth Campus. Photo by Whitney Curtis/WUSTL Photos

The fifth annual Tree Planting Day is coming up on October 25th, in partnership with Sleeve-a-Message, Dining Services and WashU ground maintenance contractor Focal Pointe. Join us at 2pm by the main entrance of the Whittemore House (across Forsyth from the campus store), to meet with Kent Theiling, WashU’s Grounds and Landscape Design Manager. Kent will be leading the event, sharing his arborist expertise and teaching us how to plant trees before winter.

What you should expect:

1) Learn about tree planting techniques, as well as the WashU’s Arboriculture Framework Plan and Campus Tree Planting Plan from Kent Theiling.

2) Plant, water and mulch! Prior to the event, the grounds landscape contractor will take care of digging the planting holes and placing the trees in the right spot, saving only the fun and rewarding work for the planting volunteers!

3) Achieve a meaningful project: This year’s planting effort will replace invasive honeysuckle that was removed this past summer. Participants will plant Carolina Buckthorn, Eastern Wahoo, American Hazelnut, Green Giant Arborvitae, and Dragon Lady Holly as part of a larger ongoing and multi-year Campus-wide landscape restoration project to remove all invasive honeysuckle and restore these landscape areas with native and adaptable plants. Forest ReLeaf will be providing the native trees and shrubs for the project.

4) Celebrate by enjoying free hot beverages and sweet treats provided by Dining Services on our beautiful fall campus!


Comfortable shoes and clothes are suggested; tools and gloves will be provided.

Want to participate in 2018 Tree Planting Day at WashU? Please RSVP!