2nd Annual Green Carpet Awards Honors 100+ Offices

In 2015, the university set a goal to reach 100 Green Office certifications by the end of 2017. On February 5, the Office of Sustainability hosted the second annual Green Carpet Awards to celebrate not only achieving, but surpassing this goal. Since the program’s inception in 2012, 111 offices have received certification. Over 1,600 faculty and staff currently work in a certified green office.

Featuring remarks from Chancellor Wrighton and a luncheon of locally-sourced foods, the ceremony recognized the 90+ 2017 Green Office certifications and the first cohort of Sustainability Leadership awardees. 150 attendees from across campus were applauded for their participation in strengthening a university community of sustainability.

In her opening remarks, Cassandra Hage, Sustainability Manager, paid special tribute to Danica Yu (Class of ’15), the former intern who began the program in 2012 and continued to focus her efforts on growing the program in the seven semesters she worked in the Office of Sustainability. Danica traveled from California to attend the ceremony. Other students interns who have made significant contributions to the program include Nick Annin (Class of ’17), Sarah Greenberg (Class of ’18), and Cara Cook (Class of ’19).

During the ceremony, green office liaisons received plaques to display in their work spaces (or 2017 tiles to update existing plaques) and participated in a photo shoot on the Green Carpet. The full list of certified Green Offices and information about participating in the program can be found hereThis year, green office liaisons who actively recruited other offices to the program, including Cheryl Valko, Liz Kramer, Richard Payton, Kate Whitaker, Maureen Kleekamp, Kathy Kunz, Justin Linsenmeyer, and Tiffany Trautwein. 

Phil Valko, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Sustainability, recognized the first year of Sustainability Leadership awardees. The awardees below, consisting of both individual people and projects, were nominated by their peers in 2017 for exceptional leadership in a range of areas of sustainability.

  • Jenn DeRose, Program Manager for Green Dining Alliance and University College student:  Community Engagement
  • Scott Krummenacher, lecturer in Environmental Studies: Community Engagement and Environmental Justice
  • Dee Stewart, staff member in the Department of Philosophy: Waste Diversion
  • Wanda Haertling, staff member in the Medical School Facilities Business Office: Waste Diversion
  • WashU Green Ambassadors (WUGA) and Residential Life Housekeeping Staff: Community Engagement and Waste Diversion
  • HVAC Services Team: Energy Conservation
  • WUSM Building Services: Energy Conservation

The Green Carpet Awards occurs annually, recognizing achievements from the year prior. Nominations for the Sustainability Leadership Awards open in August. Green Offices must certify or recertify by December 31 to receive recognition for participation in the calendar year.

Strategic Goal: 100 certified green offices by Dec 31, 2017. As of January 2018, 111 offices have been certified over the 6 years of the program.